ARINC 600 Trays

«NaukaSoft» together with ALAMO  Engineering GmbH develops and supplies ARINC-600 Tray Assemblies. Tray Assemblies are developed and supplied in all sizes in accordance with ARINC-600 (1 to 12 MCU), including cooling fans and shock mounts. Trays meet the increased environmental requirements. Trays are designed for continuous operation in environments with increased vibration and provide increased collision safety.


С,mm380 or 529380 or 529380 or 529380 or 529380 or 529380 or 529



С,mm380 or 529380 or 529380 or 529380 or 529380 or 529380 or 529



ARINC 600 Trays 2 MCU Size
ARINC 600 Trays 3 MCU Size

LRU Cooling Requirements:

For LRUs with cooling requirements, tray assemblies can support convection air fl ow, aircraft

forced air cooling, and forced air cooling requiring a fan:

Convection Air Flow:

An LRU without external forced air cooling may require a tray shell with an oval cutout to

optimize air fl ow to cool the LRU through normal convection.

Forced Air Cooling:

Trays are designed to accommodate forced air cooling from the aircraft or a tray mounted fan.

Metering Plates and Seals:

Air inlet holes in the metering plate allow for air fl ow regulation. Metering plate seals and

baffl e plugs (plug bumpers) are supplied with each tray assembly for insertion by the customer

to direct air fl ow as required. For assemblies requiring a fan, we also provide an

open metering plate or seal retainer for maximum air fl ow.

Fan Assemblies and Filters:

Trays are designed with options for rear, side or bottom mounted fans and meet ARINC

600 Level (1) or Level (2) cooling requirements.

Front Hold Down for Arinc 600 Series:

  • Self Locking
  • Torque Limiting
  • Without Front Hold down

Fan Configuration:

  • No Fan
  • 115 V AC, 400 Hz
  • 28 V DC
  • 115 V AC, 60 Hz

Air Plenum Configuration:

  • No Plenum
  • Right Side
  • Left Side
  • Bottom

Ruggedized Trays for Special Mission and MIL Applications:

  • Higher Yield Strength Materials
  • Increased Bend Radii Throughout
  • Increased Doubler Plate Thickness
  • Additional Rear Doubler with
  • Improved Support Features
  • Complete Riveted Construction
  • Improved Connector Plate Features

Light Weight Trays for Civil Aviation:

  • Meet or exceed ARINC 600 requirements
  • Tested to requested environmental
  • conditions
  • Built on ARINC 600 standard or on customer
  • specifi c requirements


  • КТ-160G
  • RTCA-DO160
  • MILSTD-810

If necessary, it is possible to manufacture trays of any size according to the technical requirements of customers

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