Full Electrically Driven Aircraft AVF-32NS

NaukaSoft, LLC is developing the Full Electrically Driven Aircraft (FEDA) AVF-32NS.

Payload of the AVF-32NS is 400 kg. It designed to carry up to 5 persons or a cargo with total weight approximately 400 kg. Estimated endurance is 5 hours.


AVF-32NS specifications

Specifications Values
    length 7,0 m
    height 3,0 m
    wingspan 16 m
    empty aircraft 1100 kg
    payload 400 kg
    maximum take-off 1500 kg
Engine Fanelectrical
Propulsion power 4 х 30 kW
Range 600 km
Max. Cruise Speed 360 km/h
Cruise Speed 180 km/h
Flight altitude 3000 m
Take-off run 300 m
Ground run 350 m

The AVF-32NS will be equipped with developed by our company four EPS-30NS electric propulsion systems. EPS-30NS represents a fan-type aircraft engines with a fan driven by the АC motor EG-30NS with rare-earth magnets.

The design documentation is already developed and the first model sample of EG-30NS is under production at Sarapul Electric Generators JSC.


Engine-generator EG-30NS specifications

Characteristics Values
Nominal power 30 kW
Nominal revs 7000 rpm
Max. revs 8400 rpm
Nominal phase voltage 200 V
The number of phase 3
The number of pole pairs 5
Winding working temperature 180 °С
The active phase of the resistance 124 mOhm
The inductive reactance phase shift 737 mVAr
EMF idling 190 V
Phase current 53,7 А
Weight 16,5 kg
diameter 178 mm
    length 318 mm

AVF-32NS is powered by fuel cell assembly using stored aboard hydrogen and prepared from ambient air oxygen.

Fuel cells for AVF-32NS are developed by our partner — the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics (IPCP) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), is the largest Institute of the research center in Chernogolovka.

We also plan to use lithium batteries and PV batteries as an variant of energy source on board the aircraft.

AVF-32NS project is the most appropriate in terms of environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. The aircraft harmful emissions are completely absent during operation. It produce in flight only water vapor.

LLC “Experimental Laboratory NaukaSoft” invites potential investors, partners and customers for cooperation on the FEDA project.


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